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Exercise at least twice a week – Rex Asanga encourages Bolga residents

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Bolgatanga Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Rex Asanga, has emphasised the importance of regular exercise for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He called on the residents of the municipality to embrace physical activity as a means to stay fit and strong. Hon. Asanga highlighted the positive impact of exercising for just 30 minutes twice a week on one’s overall well-being.

“Maybe just twice a week is enough. 30 minutes twice a week is enough to prolong your life by so many years. And besides that, you will be healthier.”

The MCE expressed his delight at witnessing people utilize empty spaces for exercise during weekends.

“And that is why I am very happy when I drive around in the municipality in the morning. Almost all the open spaces are taken over by young people who are all exercising and keepfit clubs and all that.”

Addressing the potential consequences of neglecting one’s health in pursuit of material wealth, Hon. Asanga cautioned against prioritising wealth accumulation over maintaining a healthier lifestyle, as it may result in a diminished quality of life after retirement.

“You might go and accumulate all the wealth, build nice houses, and have a good bank account, and then you retire so early and leave it for others to come and enjoy just because you didn’t build on your health through exercise.”

The MCE commended the younger generation for recognizing the value of staying fit and encouraged them to prioritise their health. He stressed that good health cannot be solely attained through medication but is a result of one’s lifestyle choices, including diet and physical activity.

“Health is not given by drugs. You don’t acquire good health through drugs but by your way of life. What you eat and what you do with your body.”

He further encouraged young individuals who are not yet engaged in regular exercise to join local fitness clubs or similar initiatives to enhance their well-being and build a strong foundation for the future.

These comments were made in an interview on A1 Radio. 

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Awombadek Asagi|Ghana

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