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33-year-old Azumah thrives with rabbit rearing initiative from World Vision Ghana

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The introduction of rabbit rearing as an alternative livelihood and income-generating activity by World Vision Ghana (WVG) has significantly improved the livelihood of Azumah Pamaah, a resident of the Adonsi community in the Bawku West District.

WVG, through its Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) project introduced to the community 6 years ago, supported some lead farmers of the project, including Mrs. Pamaah, with a rabbit rearing initiative. This project, aimed at providing sustainable livelihoods and enhancing food security, has brought newfound hope and prosperity to many in the community.

Before the project’s implementation, the 33-year-old Pamaah says she struggled to make ends meet. According to her, traditional farming methods were often unreliable due to changing weather patterns and depleted soil fertility. However, she disclosed that World Vision Ghana’s intervention has offered her a sustainable alternative.

“The introduction of rabbit rearing has transformed my life,” Azumah shared. “Not only do I now have a steady source of income, but I also have a reliable source of protein for my family. This has improved our nutrition and overall well-being.”

Rabbit rearing is a low-cost and high-yield activity. Rabbits reproduce quickly, providing a continuous source of meat and income. Azumah has been able to sell rabbits at the Zebilla market, generating a consistent income that has enabled her to invest in her children’s education and improve her household’s living conditions.

“The income from selling rabbits has allowed me to invest in my children’s education and make necessary improvements to our home,” Azumah explained. “We now have a better quality of life and more financial stability.”

She spoke to the media when Jean Claude Mukadi, the Acting Country Director of World Vision Ghana, visited some project sites undertaken by his outfit in the Bawku West Area Program in the Upper East Region. Mr. Mukadi expressed satisfaction that the FMNR project is improving the lives of the beneficiary communities and called on them to sustain the project.

World Vision Ghana’s FMNR project, implemented on a 30-hectare plot in Adonsi, focuses on regenerating depleted forests and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. In addition to rabbit rearing, the project also provides ruminants to community members and introduces Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) to encourage financial independence, savings, and investment in small businesses, to further strengthen the community’s economic resilience.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Joshua Asaah|Adonsi|Ghana

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