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Bolgatanga: Pupils, teachers rejoice over new classroom blocks after A1 Radio’s report

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Pupils and teachers in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region have expressed deep joy and relief following the construction of new classroom blocks, a development spurred by A1 Radio’s investigative spotlight six months ago.

The Municipal Assembly responded to the pressing needs highlighted by Moses Apiah, reporter and executive producer of the “Daybreak Upper East” show, leading to a significant improvement in the learning environment for several schools.

The schools included Soe Yipala JHS in Bolga-Soe, Atolisum Junior High School in Kulbia, Saint Peter and Paul Basic School in the Atulbabisi community, Zaare Preparatory Primary School, and Dorogo Kindergarten.

Six months ago, Mr. Apiah visited these dilapidated schools in the Municipality, documenting the dire conditions under which pupils and teachers struggled daily.

His report, which vividly portrayed the challenges faced, including harsh weather conditions and inadequate furniture, garnered widespread attention and prompted the Municipal Assembly to take swift action.

In a follow-up visit, Mr. Apiah found each of the five schools equipped with new three-unit classroom blocks, painted in tea and brown. The classrooms were fully furnished and ready for immediate use, much to the delight of the pupils and staff.

The transformation has had a profound impact on the students. Pious Ayorogo, a pupil at Soe Yipala JHS, who once doubted his future prospects in the old, unsafe structure, now speaks with renewed hope.

“The new classroom will help me achieve my dream of becoming a pilot. The days of worrying about harsh weather and being unable to concentrate are over,” he said.

Gifty Ayamga, another pupil from the same school, expressed relief over the end of fights for seating.

“We used to sit and learn in an uncompleted health center, often fighting over where to sit. Now that we have our own school structure, I’m very happy.”

At Atolisum Junior High School in Kulbia, a suburb of Sumburungu, the joy was palpable among the pupils and teachers alike.

They thanked the Municipal Assembly and A1 Radio for their roles in bringing about this significant change.

Similarly, Saint Peter and Paul Basic School in the Atulbabisi community, Zaare Preparatory Primary School, and Dorogo Kindergarten in the Dorogo community received new classroom blocks following Mr. Apiah’s report.

Headteachers, parents, and teachers, though preferring to remain off-camera, shared their gratitude. They emphasized that the new structures would motivate them to put in their best efforts for the pupils’ success.

Rex Asang, the Municipal Chief Executive for Bolgatanga, credited the Assembly’s swift action to the SOCO projects initiative, which aims to address pressing social needs.

He further assured that plans were far advanced for commissioning the classroom blocks for use in the coming days.

He praised A1 Radio for highlighting the issues, emphasizing the importance of media in driving social change.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga

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