The Chief Executive Officer of Ghana First Company Limited, Frank Akuley says the company is built on sound ethical values and operate with same and wants contractors building the Ghana First Toilets for the company to abide by same.

According to the Ghana First CEO, there is nothing hidden about the company’s operations and urged contractors disturbing government and denigrating the company’s image for no tangible reason to desist and rather read the company’s contract agreement with them thoroughly before complaining about payments.

Mr. Akuley has advised government not to succumb to pressure from any quarters and rather allow the company to deal with contractors who are claiming to have done some work for the Ghana First Company Limited.

Below are the full Press Release issued by the company:

August 2, 2019


Ghana First Company Limited is a Genuine Company

The management of Ghana First Company Limited (GFCL) wishes to inform its contractors and the general public that the company is built on sound ethical values and it is determined to do good business in Ghana.

For this reason, GFCL has already invited law enforcement agencies like Ghana Police Service and the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) to investigate our business operations for enhanced due diligence and also boost local and foreign investors’ confidence. The Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) has also conducted investigations into the operations of the company. None of them found any adverse findings against us.

This Press Release has become necessary due to the following reasons:

It has come to the notice of the company that some of the contractors have been going to the government outfits and others i.e. Jubilee House, Ministries of Sanitation and Water Resources, Local Government and Rural Development, The New Patriotic Party Head Office, Security Agencies and Media Houses to complain about payments.

GFCL has realized that most of the contractors (i.e. about 98%) failed to read their contracts to fully understand their contractual obligations and those of the company. Hence, the company is advising all contractors intending to do business with the company, to endeavor to read the “small details” as it were in the contractual agreement especially the payment and the specification clauses.

The company hereby state unequivocally that;

Any Contractor who feels scammed or defrauded by the company should report to any Police Station for the necessary action to be taken against it.

GFCL has also realized that some of our contractors who were given financial assistance for their projects by the company, rather used the money for other things like purchasing private cars, sending their children abroad, etc., instead of using the money for what it was meant for. If the Audit report proves that such contractors have failed to meet the specifications of GFCL, we will take legal action against them.

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Any contractor who has any form of grievance(s) may come to the company’s Head Office at Adjiriganor to lodge his/her complaint. The management and leadership of GFCL are opened to amiable discussions and resolutions.

Contractors should also desist from going to government institutions and Ministries to demand payment of work done. They should rather come to the Head Office of the company where the contracts were awarded.

Contractors should take notice that, the relationship between GFCL and themselves is purely a private business arrangement and therefore, should NOT expect payment from or by the government. The government is hereby, advised not to succumb to pressures from any quarters and allow the company to deal with contractors claiming to have done any work for the company.

If government should pay any contractor of GFCL with the taxpayers’ money, the company will resort to legal action (s) against it. Therefore, the government is hereby, advised not to succumb to pressures from any quarters and allow the company to deal with contractors claiming to have done any work for GFCL.

That contractors should adhere to specifications and payment covenants in the contract agreements for that is the only document which regulates the general conduct of the contracting parties.

GFCL will not pay any contractor for shoddy works done. Such sloppy works have both present and future unbearable liabilities. We are guided by collapse of buildings claiming lives and properties in the country. The company cannot be the conduit for such sad happenings.

Media houses are also advised to contact the Head Office of GFCL, during working hours; i.e. 8am -5.00pm, Monday-Friday, to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of claims made by contractors or any persons denigrating the company.

Per earmarked levels set by the company, no contractor has been able to reach those levels. The role of the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resource is to advise sanitation companies including GFCL and NOT PAYMENT.

The role of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies is to provide litigation free lands for the construction of the facilities and NOT PAYMENTS of contractors for constructing those facilities. Therefore, contractors should desist from going to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to demand payment for work done.

GFCL has contracted an independent Audit company to audit work done so far by all the contractors (i.e. specifications and value for money). Base on the audit report submitted to the company by the Auditors, the company may give financial assistance to contractors who have met the company’s building specifications to complete projects to attract final disbursement. This auditing exercise is necessary for all contracting parties because it is hoped to iron out ambiguities, misunderstanding and also provide clarity in percentage completion. GFCL is committed to working hand in hand with its contractors to strengthen the cordial relationship between both parties.

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When the facilities of GFCL start operating, an average of 20,000 direct permanent employments will be created in the country, which will help boost the wellbeing of the staff, their dependents and Ghana’s economy in general.

The Board of Directors and Management of GFC extend their appreciation to Mr. Abbey of Triple A Enterprise, and the entire leadership of the contractors for their collaboration and understanding in principle for the need of the Project Audit.

GFCL wishes to inform all contractors intending to construct our projects that they will be required to pay 2% (two percent) of the contract sum, nonrefundable, as a processing fee, which is one of the company’s requirements. This forms part of our internally generated fund (IGF), used to support administrative and other expenses to reduce our borrowing. The company also ensures that it meets its Tax and SSNIT obligations.

GFCL is however, still in talks with the independent audit firm about the complaint made by contractors concerning the duration of the auditing period. We hope the issue would be resolved in the best interest of all stakeholders. GFCL is committed to working hand in hand with its contractors to strengthen the cordial relationship between both parties.

We wish to reiterate that GFCL is a genuine business entity determined to fight against open defecation in Ghana. That is why GFCL is building Ultra-Modern IT based public toilets in all the districts in the country. We therefore look forward to working with all stakeholders, the media inclusive, to address this major problem of open defecation in our dear country. We find the Media’s role so essential in educating and informing all and sundry about this important objective of GFCL. Our cities, towns and villages must be kept clean to prevent open defecation-related diseases in Ghana. As a gateway to Africa, we must stand out when it comes to sanitation and hygiene.

God bless our homeland Ghana.
God bless Ghana First Company Limited.

Chief Executive Officer of Ghana First Company Limited, Frank Akuley
Thank you. Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen




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