The Electoral Commission though has made some protective recommendations at various centers seeking to protect applicants from the spread of the virus, applicants were rather adamant to such recommendations.

The eagerness by the applicants to get hold of their voter’s card made some of them to ignore the social distancing protocol and as well turn their nose masks to neck masks.

These residents were only interested in going through the process to obtain their voter’s card without recourse to social distancing protocols.

However, the registration centers witnessed setback a because nonfunctional machines. Some centers in the Upper East Regional Capital started late and closed registration for the day with less than 100 persons going through the process and obtaining their cards.

An applicant at a center called Aningazanga clinic in Bolgatanga said he was surprised to see only one machine operating at the center despite the crowd of applicants queueing there.

“We all want the voter card but if this is how things will be like, then it’s better to go to your farm than waste your time here. I came here at around 8 am, just now that I got mine (2 pm). This rainy season ‘dear’, who will agree to leave his farm to come and do this thing.” He said.

“How can you call people to come and take part in this exercise without providing them with a conducive atmosphere? Just look at this open sun that we are standing in yet we don’t know when one will get registered”, says another applicant at the same center, Annigazaga.

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Another applicant from Adabase Primary School said though he was happy to get his voter card, he appealed to officials from the Electoral Commission to, at least, provide two machines at a center to fasttrack the exercise.

In the Bolgatanga Municipality, per the list received from the Electoral Commission, 15 centers will be undergoing the first phase of the exercise.

This, the EC says will last for six days and will always begin in the morning at 6 a.m. and end at 7 pm daily.

Meanwhile, When A1 Radio Reporters visited some of the centers in the various districts within the region, the stories were not different from those in the Bolgatanga Municipality.|101.1MHz|Ghana




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