At long last ! Our road is under construction and we are grateful to government-Kassena Nankana residents


A1 Radio can authoritatively report that construction work on the Navrongo – Kologo – Naaga road in the Kasenna Nakana municipality of the Upper East Region is steadily in progress.

A visit by the news team observed that, the earth work on the road, thus clearing of the site has been done by the constructor.

This road is one of the major roads in the Upper East Region which connects several communities to the Kasenna Nakana municipal capital ,Navrongo and were captured as part of projects for the “Year of Roads” by the Akufo-Addo led administration.

This road has been in a disastrous state for the past decades making assessibility to these communities challenging.

Despite Several appeals for the construction of the road, authorities have not heeded to their concerns in past times.

According to residents,the previous NDC administration attempted reshaping it at a point but abandoned thereby worsening their challenges .

They indicat that their predicaments become worst during the rainy season such that teachers, nurses, traders are not able to travel across to nearby communities because ,the road is always swallowed by flood waters.

And even if they want to defy odds to ply the road , the have to pay local swimmers to cart their goods across at a fee on daily basis.

They therefore lamented that these happenings have led to people losing their lives either by by drowning in rivers with dilapidated culverts or robberies.

They also pontificated that the poor nature of the road has exposed residents and commuters to robbers putting their lives at risk at all times with criminals going scot free.

However, they expressed joy that at long last ,the road network that has tormented their lives have been awarded for construction.

A resident of Kologo John Bosco ,told A1 News that “I think the construction and completion of this road will bring an end to robberies and people losing their lives in our completed. We are really grateful to the government for listening to our cries”.

“Since I was given birth, I never saw any construction of the road as it has been witnessed now. I’m really happy that we can be able to travel to Navrongo and other areas freely now though the road hasn’t been completed” An Opinion Leader said.

Samuel Mbura interviewing residents

Documents have it that, the 42.2Km Navrongo-Kologo-Naaga Road was awarded but abandoned after the change of government in 2008 until, the current administration repackaged and re-awarded to same contractor, Plans Construction Limited.

The contract is over eighty nine million cedis to be funded by Road Fund.

Site Engineer of the project, Jojo Menkah Ofori explained to A1 News that the project was a 42.2 kilometer stretch with a bitumen surface under Ghana Highways Authority.

Mr. Menkah noted that , their immediate plan was to work on the areas of the road that get flooded in the rainy season by constructing culverts to drain the system.

Meanwhile, he has commended the community the for their cooperation and assured their relentless efforts to complete the project within schedule.

Source: Samuel Mbura|


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