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5,000 YEA Nurse Assistants: It’s an opportunity to create, loot & share – Nabdam MP

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The Deputy Ranking Member on the Parliamentary Select Committee on Health, Dr. Mark-Kurt Nawaane is alleging that the Youth Employment Agency may be up to no good in its attempt to recruit some 5,000 nurses to serve as assistants to nurses at the CHPS level.

Dr. Nawaame explained that such a disingenuous act is just to create an opportunity for some individuals to appropriate state monies to themselves.

He made this known when he spoke on A1 Radio’s News Link yesterday, August 23, 2022.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Operations at the Youth Employment Agency, Alhaji Ibrahim Bashiru in an earlier interview said the individuals to be engaged would help nurses with services, including recording medical history and symptoms, conducting physical examinations, and providing simple bedside care to patients, mostly in rural communities.

He added that 5,000 people would be trained as carpenters, electricians, welders, and construction workers and provided a platform to connect to individuals and businesses.

But the MP for Nabdam Constituency asked why the YEA would take such a decision when over 20,000 unemployed nurses are currently sitting at home.

“I don’t fault them, because they are sitting down there having nothing to do and the agency is also illy funded, so coming up with such a proposal to create loot and share is a deal for them. Look, I want the government to tell Ghanaians the fate of the already qualified unemployed nurses who are in various places doing nothing. What becomes of them? It’s funny and insulting sometimes when people come up with these ill-thought proposals. “

Touching on a similar project that happened in 2006 under President Kuffour’s reign, the MP explained that “Yes, I know that in 2006 Kuffour’s government did something like that which under NDC at the time we allowed it to run through but it was with a reason. At that time the nursing population was not as much of this. Those days, the country was lacking personnel and needed a backstock, but here is the case there are already unemployed qualified nurses in the home yet as an agency you think of this. Where are we going as a country?”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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