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If butchers fail to occupy Yorogo facility, we’ll recruit new butchers from Accra, Kumasi et al – Rex Asanga

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The Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly has said it is ready to address all the concerns that will arise from the relocation of the abattoir from its current location to the new facility in Yorogo. It has however warned that should the butchers fail to occupy the new facility, as was agreed in an MoU signed by executives of the Bolgatanga Butchers Association and officials of the Assembly, the facility at Yorogo will be handed over to other interested parties to operate.

The MCE for the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly, Rex Asanga cautioned that if after a week, the butchers fail to occupy their new facility, drastic measures would be taken, which would include opening up the facility to butchers outside the Municipality and all other interested parties aside members of the Bolgatanga Butchers Association.

“I am happy that some butchers who are from the Upper East Region and are operating in Accra and Kumasi have started calling in wanting to relocate to Yorogo if the current crops of butcher do not want to use it. They are prepared to come and operate it. I am also very sure there are people who know the business who are around [within the region]. The Assembly, would after one week if the current crop of butchers fail to move to the facility, begin the process of recruiting butchers for the new abattoir,” he explained.

Mr. Asanga said this when he spoke to Samuel Mbura on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East. The MCE, frustrated about the butchers breaking faith with the Assembly on the relocation said the Assembly has had to bend over backwards to find resources, aside from the ghc 1.2 million project fund to address the 5 major concerns of the butchers.

Mr. Asanga said the Assembly cannot countenance the shenanigans of the butchers anymore. “The Assembly hs had to bend over backwards and find resources outside of the ghc 1.2 million that was provided for the project to do other things; provide other facilities at the request of the butchers”.

“Where we have reached, there is nothing that the Assembly can do. We insist that that is the only place where meat can be sent to the market. The only thing we can do is to enforce that nobody can bring meat unto the market that has not been approved by the abattoir,” he said.

The MCE touching on the relocation of the livestock market explained that that can only happen after the butchers have relocated and not before.

A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz| Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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